Thomas Tuchel wants Anthony Taylor to stop refereeing Chelsea games


Thomas Tuchel believes it would be best if Anthony Taylor stopped refereeing Chelsea games because it causes his players to become anxious.

The London derby between Tottenham and Germany was exciting and ended 2-2 thanks to a last-second equalizer from Harry Kane.

Even after the game ended, there was more drama when Spurs manager Antonio Conte and Tuchel were both shown red cards for fighting and exchanging harsh words.

However, Tuchel wasn’t upset about this because he thought neither of the goals scored by Tottenham should have stood. In the lead-up to the first half, he was irate about what he perceived to be a foul and an offside, and before Kane’s header, he was incensed over Cristian Romero yanking Marc Cucurella’s hair.

Thomas Tuchel thinks Anthony Taylor should no longer officiate Chelsea matches because it makes his players nervous.

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Spurs and Chelsea thrilling London derby concluded in a 2-2 tie due to a last-second goal from Harry Kane.

Even after the game was over, there was still drama when Tuchel and Antonio Conte, the manager of Tottenham, were both given red cards for fighting and using foul language.

When asked if Taylor should be excluded from future Chelsea games, Tuchel actually attributed VAR—rather than the referee—for missing the hair-pull on Cucurella. However, he also indicated it would be preferable.

Perhaps it would be better, Tuchel remarked. But to be honest, we also have VAR to assist in making the best choice. When was it okay to yank players by their hair? When did that stop becoming a foul? I don’t hold it against him if he doesn’t see it. I missed seeing it. However, VAR employs individuals who verify this. Then, you realize that it is a red card and a free kick.

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In this scenario, the referee has nothing to do with it. We have individuals to examine if there is a decisive error occurring if he does not observe something, which is why.

When informed that he would now miss Chelsea’s trip to Leeds, Tuchel responded, “So…good,” in one more jab at the official. The referee will call the next game because I am unable to coach.


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