Just In: Roman Abramovich Makes New Chelsea Decision After British Government Confession


The Russian-Billionaire isn’t in a hurry to sell Chelsea after threats of a possible sanctions became public

Chelsea owner, Roman Abramovich has reportedly made new decision amid the sell of the club with buyers yet to reach any agreement.

The London based club is on the verge of losing the Russian following the chaos erupting between Russia and Ukraine.

It’s suspected that his close relationship with the current Russia president may mean him having a hand in the chaos.

With this in check and UK belonging to NATO where Ukraine is been pushed to join by the USA and UK, Britain are said wanting to set an example with Abramovich by sanctioning him.

But according to latest revelations, it’s now disclosed that despite all efforts, the UK Government are unable to raise any case against Abramovich.

The Billionaire looks clean from all record and sanctioning him won’t be transparent in any way and that’s even why it may take months for the sanction decision to be made.

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PORTO, PORTUGAL – MAY 29: Thomas Tuchel, Manager of Chelsea and Roman Abramovich, Owner of Chelsea celebrate following their team’s victory in the UEFA Champions League Final between Manchester City and Chelsea FC at Estadio do Dragao on May 29, 2021 in Porto, Portugal. (Photo by Marc Atkins/Getty Images)

The pressures are on already and in order to save his head, Abramovich has already placed Chelsea on sale but with the latest updates, sources close to him are reporting new things.

According to our sources, Abramovich isn’t in such a hurry as was earlier said to sell the club. The 55-year-old will most likely even remain in charge by Summer.

It was felt Rudiger was getting close to signing a contract after talks resumed in December, but this development may have put that in doubt.

One Chelsea player, who started against Luton Town, was not aware that Roman Abramovich was selling the club until he checked social media. Another player involved in the same fixture learned of it when Abramovich’s statement was posted on the club website.

Finding a buyer that gets close to the £3 BILLION Roman Abramovich is said to want, alongside someone who he believes has the best interests in the club at heart, does not leave many options.


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